Interior design by Agnieszka Drońska

We create interiors that evoke positive emotions.
We design, inspire, and deal with the arrangement of spaces such as houses and their elevations, residences, residential lofts, show apartments for Developers, restaurants, hotels, cafes, showrooms, representative conference rooms, medical, dental, cosmetic, and SPA offices.
Individually tailored interior designs are made with extreme attention to detail by architect Agnieszka Drońska. We are a design team based on more than 20 years of experience.
Designing, and arranging, we fulfill individual and professional dreams of a perfect interior for our Investors and Individual Clients. Our priority is their satisfaction, and individual adjustment of design ideas to their guidelines and expectations.


We shape the form, space, and light, giving it a unique character. For us, design is more than fashionable accessories, beautiful objects, or unusual color combinations. It is our creative work, which is a combination of the vision, experience, and skills of the architect with the needs, character, and vision of the investor or individual client.


Wondering what cooperation with us looks like? Get in touch, we will listen to you and point out possible solutions. Take advantage of the form of a free and no-obligation meeting.